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PT Weekender


20/2/24: new style of news box where I'll sink old news. Plus slightly new look to the WS.


05/04/24: get ready folks because in less than 3 weeks time, PT Weekender returns for its biggest yet - with 11 deejay's! Sign up to to join in the fun.

Also big thanks and shoutout to DJ Nicci Dee for a (third) fantastic flyer.

An invitation/trailer video can be viewed here


22/04/24: Post weekender feelings always feels like a massive anti-climax but I need to keep you all up to date.

Just want to say a massive thank you to all that took part, and all who watched! Every set was incredible. Thank you very much to people who plugged the event and did the raids on twitch! I thought nothing could top 7 but that just has!

Yes there were a lot of technical issues and slip-ups but that's always that way with a raw live stream! - if there's no big booboo's then it's not a proper ptweekender in my opinion! :)

However xtra care will be taken next time to minimize these faults. 

Don't ask me when the next one will be! it's hard work!

If I had to mandatorily answer that thought it will most likely be November. ;-)

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