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The Echo Of Mow
19/05/23 + 20/05/23

click below to watch the trailer


I honestly don't know where the f... to start with this one! this one was the big one! It was planned to have 10 DJs playing but it went down to 9 but that's still an achievement for something so niche! 
This event had a few PTW firsts! including a poster / flyer design that actually looked pro from a big fan but also participating ADJ (amiga DJ that is, not the lighting company!) Nicci Dee! - but that's not to say the other flyers are bad! It also had a sub name 'the echo of mow' which is a long running in-joke to simply mean moai (easter island heads, not, to mow the grass). So you can see how the theme came about. The live stream was watched by over 1k and has gone on to win several trophies and cups.

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